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3D Printing.

3D Printed rapid prototyping


The workflow that is rapidly becoming the normal in industry is to “print” a designed part to ensure it works before going onto having the parts machined (which is normally more expensive) or having expensive tooling made (such as injection moulding tooling)
Dimensional accuracy is similar to what you would expect from a conventionally milled / turned part.

We are able to offer very cost effective rapid prototyping of many design parts. We have SLA, DLP and FDM printing facilities with a build volume of up to 370 x 370 x 455.

FDM Materials include PLA, PETG, TPU and Nylon 11. For our SLA / DLP printers we can offer a wide range of materials including Rigid, High Tensile / Impact resistant, and Flexible materials in addition to a range of bio compatible materials.
If you are uncertain what material is best for your prototype then please ask and we will happily advise. We are also able to produce for you 3D printable files from your sketches or drawings at a reasonable cost.

If you are able to provide us with 3D ready files (normally STL or OBJ files with a closed mesh) then that is even better!!
For the creative of you out there, we are also able to offer print services to produce lost wax investment castable parts, or form parts for prototype (or low volume) vacuum forming.

We are happy to advise you / quote for your parts.

Examples of 3D printed parts:


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